Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi

Expectations for Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi

Our aim is to give you a genuine learning experience with a skilled director, and with a small group of equally committed actors.

Be prepared. Do the work

The classes are to work on and improve your existing skills. You need to be able to turn up, ready to work. You need to be willing and able to learn your script, inside-out, before turning up to class.

The scripts are typically around two to three minutes. If you don't have time to learn a script, every week, this class is not for you.

Be respectful

You are expected to be respectful of the director and of your fellow actors. That means being on time, ready to do the work, having your script down, and behaving in a courteous and professional manner.

While others are doing scenes, you should be watching and learning, not on your phone.

The director will be asking you to make adjustments, and offering constructive criticism. You need to be able to at least attempt the suggested adjustment, and to respond maturely to the criticism you are given.

No unsolicited criticism

From time to time, the director may, at their discretion, open the floor up for feedback and observations on actors' scene-work. At these times, please, offer constructive criticism. At all other times, please keep your opinions to yourself.

A final word

These guidelines are not designed to take the fun out of classes, but to make sure everyone has fun in a productive way that is uplifting for everyone present.