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Jonathan Briden

Jonathan Briden

Jonathan Briden is an actor, director and teacher with over 30 years of experience. He studied film-acting in Sydney, and has spent many years teaching actors how to connect to their role and to each other.

During his years living in Sydney, Jonathan studied film-acting at Screen Actors Workshop under renowned teacher and director, Alan Nurthen, and later at the Sydney Screen Acting Group at Fox Studios, under Sam Haft. He worked on projects with the screen unit at TAFE Randwick, and the International Film School Sydney, and has appeared in numerous short films, including two finalists in for the TropFest film festival, as well as award-winning shorts "The End", by Neil Marsh and "Finger Painting" by Hazel Savolainen. In 2017, he produced and directed the pilot for the mini-series, "Circle".

Across many years of both formal and self-guided study, Jonathan has learned a huge variety of acting techniques and ways to approach the script. He finds himself especially drawn to the work of Ivana Chubbuck who's work takes a bold approach to helping actors find greater depth in their characters and to "earn" their big moments in the script. He's also a fan of the Triggers system as developed by LA director and teacher, Richard Seyd.

Jonathan is also a champion improviser and has been teaching improvisation around the world for over 20 years. Improvisation has become an incredibly important part of both the audition process and screen acting. The skills that underlie improvisation bring a wonderful freshness and genuineness of emotion to scripted work.

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