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Emotional Journey

2023-3: Emotional Journey

This block has ended.

Dates/time: Wednesdays, 26 Apr - 31 May 2023, from 6:30pm to 9pm

Director: Jonathan Briden

DOP: Rush Jopson

Cost: $195*
* = We can provide a discounted rate for those experiencing genuine financial hardship. Please let us know if this applies.

Venue: Edgar Room, Risingholme Community Centre, 22 Cholmondeley Avenue, Opawa - more info

Enrolment: class has ended

About this block

A scene is not about the words on the script, but rather the emotional journey that the character experiences over the course of the scene. During this block we'll look at how knowing our emotional journey can give greater depth and meaning to the scene. We'll also explore subtext and emotional range.

Outline of classes

It's going to get emotional! We'll look at ways of safely tapping into our emotions and leveraging these, so we can do more feeling and less "acting". We'll also look at some techniques for tapping into emotion, extending our emotional range, and delivering a compelling performance.

Emotion trumps text

It's easy to get caught up in the text, but by looking at the bigger picture we begin to understand how our characters (like all humans) don't necessarily mean what they say, nor say what they mean. By understanding the underlying emotions, we create scene-work that is more authentic and that pops on screen.

Engaging with emotion

We'll be looking at ways that we can safely access our emotional vault, as well as techniques that help us better understand and use the connection that exists between our body and our emotions. We'll also use these techniques to extend our emotional range.


We will capture footage throughout the course, to help you see how you come across on camera, make adjustments and to see improvements by the end of the course.