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Learning Scripts - Dealer's Choice

2022-5: Learning Scripts - Dealer's Choice

This block has ended.

Dates/time: Wednesdays, 9 Nov - 14 Dec 2022, from 6:30pm to 9pm

Director: Jonathan Briden

DOP: Rush Jopson

Cost: $195*
* = We can provide a discounted rate for those experiencing genuine financial hardship. Please let us know if this applies.

Venue: Edgar Room, Risingholme Community Centre, 22 Cholmondeley Avenue, Opawa - more info

Enrolment: class has ended

About this block

In this block we will continue to work on understanding our scripts and our characters. Each participant can choose* how they want to spend the six weeks - learning 1 or 2 monologues or dialogues.

You can choose one of the following 5 options:

  1. 1 monologue: Spend the full 6 weeks going really deep on a single monologue piece.
  2. 1 dialogue: Spend the full 6 weeks with a partner on a dialogue.
  3. 2 monologues: Spend 3 weeks each on two separate monologues.
  4. 1 monologue + 1 dialogue: Work on a monologue for the first 3 weeks, and then a dialogue with a scene partner for the remaining 3 weeks.
  5. 2 dialogues: Work on 2 different dialogues.

* not all choices may be available depending on what others have chosen, but we will try to accommodate everyone as best we can.

Outline of classes

Over the course of this block we will touch on various aspects of screen acting to help support the script work you are doing. This will include:

General Acting Technique

Working on tone, emotional range, physicality, pacing, presence, and connection.

We're lucky to have a range of different experience levels in the class, and as such, we will work on both general technique and individual feedback based on your level.

Taking Direction

As an actor, you need to be able to accept and respond to direction in a professional manner. We'll look at a range of things that you may be asked to do by a director, and give you the opportunity to try them out.

Script Analysis

We'll continue making use of Triggers and breaking a script into moments to explore the characters emotional journey. We'll also look at tools such as scene objectives and substitution.

Character Analysis

We'll look at the nature of the character that we are taking on, how they are different from ourselves, and how to handle those differences.


We will capture some basic footage throughout the course, as well as filming completed scenes at the end of each half of the course as needed.