Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi

Authenticity in Performance

2021-2: Authenticity in Performance

This block has ended.

Dates/time: Wednesdays, 17 Nov - 15 Dec, from 6:30pm to 9pm

Director: Kim Georgine

DOP: Rush Jopson

Cost: $150*
* = We can provide a discounted rate for those experiencing genuine financial hardship. Please let us know if this applies.

Venue: Phillipstown Community Hub, Room 1, 39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown

Enrolment: class has ended

About this block

Actors hear about 'being in the moment' all of the time - but what exactly does this mean? And more importantly, what does this mean for you? In this 5 week block, we'll be looking at ways to develop authenticity and deep connections to the world your character lives in.

Week 1

We'll start off getting to know each other and discussing what you'd like to achieve as actors. We'll then delve into a few different approaches that can be put into your acting 'toolbox'. We'll engage in some mask and shoe work to create characters that you'll bring to life for the class.

Week 2

You'll partner up and learn a very short scene. We'll get memorisation out of the way quickly and focus on finding emotional beats that you can use to make the scene resonate with your audience.

Weeks 3 to 5

You'll be cast in a scene with another actor. We'll work on finding the emotional beats, and performing the scene both live and on camera.

A personal message from the instructor

As an actor, I've been trained in several different methods and philosophies. What most of my teachers left out of the conversation was that some approaches might not work for me every time and some wouldn't work for me at all. The concept of crafting my own 'toolkit' out of all I had learned - enabling me to pull out the right approach as needed - came to me later in life. I would love to pass on the toolkit concept and to ultimately support you to develop your own approach so that you can find ways of working that are uniquely suited to you.