Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi

Code of Conduct for Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi

Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi (SAGŌ) is committed, to:

SAGŌ asks that all participants in our classes to commit to these principles, to respect each other, and to maintain professionalism and integrity.

Be respectful

You are expected to be respectful of the director and of your fellow actors. That means being on time, ready to do the work, having your script down, and behaving in a courteous and professional manner.

The scripts are typically around two to three minutes, and in many cases you will be tackling a new script each week. If you don't have time to learn a script, every week, this class is not for you.

While others are doing scenes, you should be watching and learning, not on your phone.

The director will be asking you to make adjustments, and offering constructive criticism. You need to be able to at least attempt the suggested adjustment, and to respond maturely to the criticism you are given.

No unsolicited criticism

From time to time, the director may, at their discretion, open the floor up for feedback and observations on actors' scene-work. At these times, please, offer constructive criticism. At all other times, please keep your opinions to yourself.


There are times when acting that we need to engage in some level of intimacy with another actor. This should always be done with clear verbal consent. If you have previously given consent, but feel uncomfortable, you may withdraw your consent at any time.


While your director will take all steps to ensure you are comfortable in the work, you also have a duty of self-care. If any part of the work makes you uncomfortable, please take appropriate steps. This may include asking for an adjustment that will make you more comfortable, taking a time-out to gather yourself, or leaving the classroom.

Handling breaches

If you would like to report or discuss any situations such as above, please raise them with your director as a first step. If for any reason you are not comfortable with that, please raise it with another member of the team. All discussions will be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed. You are welcome to include a support person at any stage.

Consequences for breaching the Code of Conduct will be commensurate with the severity of the situation, and may include: apologies to affected parties, exclusion from classes, without refund, and being asked not to return in future. All decisions with regards to such situations are at the sole discretion of the management team.

Thank you

Thank you for helping make Screen Actors Group Ōtautahi a safe, welcoming, and friendly community for all.

A final word

These guidelines are not designed to take the fun out of classes, but to make sure everyone has fun in a productive way that is uplifting for everyone present.

In a workshop, class or rehearsal situation, we encourage you to use the safe-word - "Nope!". Say it clearly, and remove yourself from the scene. As an individual you always has the power to stop the scene if you are uncomfortable, and you can do so with everyone’s support and without judgment. For others present, including the scene partner, you need to accept and respect the individual’s choice in that moment. If further discussion is needed, this should take place as soon as possible. If it can be handled quickly, then it should be done straight away, otherwise time should be set aside at the end of the workshop/rehearsal if possible.